Bare Rooting Succulents

Many people ask us how we ship our Succulents. We Bare root.
But what does bare rooting actually mean?
Bare root is a technique whereby a plant is removed from soil in a dormant state, from which it can more rapidly acclimate to new soil conditions.
So why do we bare root?
We bare root our succulents for a few simple reasons:
1. It's much cleaner when the succulents arrives.
2. To avoid any damage to the succulents.
3. To avoid any pests living in soil being transported interstate.
4. Less chance of the succulent rotting.
So what should you do when your succulents  arrive?
Simple... Plant your Succulents in a well draining succulent mix. Give them a good water on arrival. We recommend gradually introducing your plant back into its aspect.
Example: if your plant is a full sun plant, then we recommend placing it in a shady area on arrival, then gradually introduce it to more sun each day. This will stop the plant from burning.
You can find all plant aspects on our website under each individual product.
Then watch your Succulent Babies grow!