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Mini Garden Creations Pot Sizes

Here at Mini Garden Creations we run 4 main pot sizes.

1. Cupcake Succulents - The plants are always displayed in a 55mm (5.5cm) Pot.

2. Medium SucculentsChic-A-Deez® - The plants are always displayed in a 66mm (6.6cm) Pot.

2. Large PlantsThe plants are always displayed in a 100mm (10cm) Pot.

3. Extra Large Plants - The plants are always displayed in a 155mm (15.5cm) Pot.

Our pot sizes are a guide only, This does not mean that your plant will be exactly the same size as the pot. Plants will vary in size, shape and colour. However we do not sell any plants that are not ready.

Plants may be smaller then usual in winter

Our plants are pictured in the optimal time of year for the variety to be in full colour and form. We do not alter or edit our images to display more colour.

Plant shown in the picture is Echeveria Raindrops