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We are a small family owned and operated business located in Lake Macquarie NSW.

We started this business in 2009 in a small Sydney back yard.

In 2019 we expanded and relocated to Lake Macquarie Nsw and have blossomed since.

We have 2 young daughters, who also love succulents. Your support means everything to our family and we thank you for keeping our dream alive.


We strive to bring you the best quality plants. Our plants are grown by our MGC Succulents team, We grow our plants hardy and in the correct aspects. Some plants may have a few marks.. This is because we don't grow our plants in climate controlled greenhouses.


Your plants have been in transit for a few days. They may look a little dehydrated and stretchy. This is normal. It is best to pot them up as soon as they arrive, then give them a good drink of water. The best way to do this is to put a dish under your pot and let it soak up the water for a few hours. this will ensure that the roots soak up plenty of water. We grow our sun lovers in full sun, however because they have been in transit, please re introduce them gradually back into full sun, We recommend a little more sun each day. This will avoid the plant going into shock or burning.


We love seeing your plants in their new homes. Please feel free to send us any pictures. Please note if there are any issues with your order, please send us pictures within 24 hours so we can assess any issues. We will usually ask you to re send pictures in a week or so, This will allow the plant enough time to revive. We will then re assess. our email address is minigcreations@gmail.com


Your feedback helps us grow. We love it. Please feel free to share any ideas or suggestions you have with your online shopping experience.