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How to care for your new plant?


You've just received your new plant from Mini Garden HQ.

The first thing you need to do is pot it up and give it a good drink of water.

Place your plant indoors or in a shady outdoor area.
Plants don’t like complete darkness, so ensure that there is some nice filtered light.
Ensure that there is some good airflow in the room aswell.
Place your plant in a nice sunny spot.
Outdoor plants like direct sunlight for at least 4-5 hours a day.
Each plant in our shop has a description on weather it is a shade or sun lover. Please check your individual product for details.

 The trick with all plants is to dehydrate then rehydrate.

Wait until the foliage droops down a little then give your plant a good soak.
Tip: Do not spray your plants with a spray bottle, as this will only water the leaves and the top of the soil. Most plants thrive on their root system, so ensure that their roots get a good amount of water to drink. A great method is to place a dish under the plant and let the plant soak up the water. (Capillary action)
Trick: For best results water your plants between 6am-10am. This will reduce the chance of your plant getting root rot, as it allows your plant plenty of time to drink the water.

Succulents: We use a succulent mix.
Foliage: We use a premium mix

We use thrive. We use it at 50% strength every 2nd- 3rd watering.
This works best during the plants growing season.


This is general advice only