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Care Tips

Thanks for your recent purchase with us.

Your plants have just arrived in the post and are ready to be potted up.

🛑 We highly recommend you wear a mask and gloves when dealing with plants and soil.

🌵 We recommend potting your plants up as soon as they arrive.

🌵 For best results, please use a succulent / Cactus potting mix.

🌵 Give your plants a good soak once potted.

🌵 Place your plant in the correct aspect as advised on our website for best results.

🌵 If your plant has become a little stretchy in transit, then please introduce it slowly back into it's correct aspect to avoid burning or shock.

🌵 If you have lost a few leaves in transit, this is quite normal. Simply pot your plants as mentioned above, and place the leaves beside the plant. They may produce more plants.

 🛑 We sell living plants. Plants are not to be eaten or consumed.