Sedum Lime Twister - Variegated Lime Zinger (Large)

Sedum Lime Twister - Variegated Lime Zinger (Large)

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Sedum Lime Twister is a sun loving plant.
This plant is pictured in a 100mm Pot size.
Sedum Lime Twister is available in Spring, Summer & Autumn. This plant will lay dormant in winter. It may look like it its dying. Herbacuous sedums will completely die back in winter. You will see new growth come through ready for spring.

🍂 Sedum's are best grown in warmer months

 🌵 What should I do when my package arrives?

🛑 Always wear a mask and gloves when dealing with plants and soil.
Open your package and pot up your plant as soon as you receive them.
(We recommend using succulent /Cacti Mix)
Your plants have been in transit so give them a good drink on arrival.

🌵 How to care for your new plants?

⛅ Shade Lovers 
Place your plant indoors or in a nice shady area.
Plants don’t like complete darkness, make sure there is some filtered light coming through the room.
Plants also need good airflow.

🌞 Sun Lovers

Place your plants outside in a nice sunny spot.
Full sun plants like at least 4-5 hours in the sun.
If growing indoors, make sure your plant is in a sunny spot with good airflow.

💦 Watering

The trick with all plants is to dehydrate then re-hydrate.

Let the plant completely dry out before watering again.
Tip: Do not spray your plants with a spray bottle, as this will only water the leaves and the top of the soil. Most plants thrive on their root system, so ensure that their roots get a good amount of water to drink. A great method is to place a dish under the plant and let the plant soak up the water. (Capillary action)
Trick: For best results water your plants between 6am-10am. This will reduce the chance of your plant getting root rot, as it allows your plant plenty of time to drink the water.
🍂 Fertilising

We use Thrive, we use it at 50% strength every 2nd-3rd watering. This works best during the plants growing season

This is general advice only, Our advice is based on our location and climate.

🛑 We sell living plants. Plants are not to be eaten or consumed